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Membership Benefits. Membership benefits can change at any time based on the needs of members and abilities of Jamie Slough Ventures, LLC. Moderation, trainings and other engagement may be by Jamie Slough or appropriate team member, guest or professional partner of Jamie Slough Ventures, LLC. Benefits do not include implementation of services. 

Personal Information. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Client agrees to receive communications from Jamie Slough Ventures, LLC and any DBAs. Personal information will not be sold or shared outside of Jamie Slough Ventures, LLC.

Terms. Membership is monthly or annual. Jamie Slough Ventures, LLC does not guarantee any specific results from membership and makes no representations or warranties as to specific outcomes or results.

The Client understands that the power of the coaching relationship and desired outcomes depends on the Client's willingness and ability to engage and execute action items.

Payment. The Client agrees to auto payments on a monthly or annual basis. In the event a recurring payment is declined at any time, access to will be temporarily disabled until payment is updated and made. 

Jamie Slough Ventures, LLC is not responsible for any processing fees, overdraft charges, over-limit charges, or NSF fees by the bank or credit card company. 

Refund Policy. All purchases are non-refundable. The Client agrees all sales are final after purchase & the Client will not contact their credit card company after such refund period expires. The Client accepts that under this agreement, they have the duty to read this refund policy and have done so. The Client understands and accepts that they are unable to use lack of reading, as a defense against all remedies so contained herein.

Cancellation Policy. Memberships can be canceled at any time and will take effect on the next billing cycle. No refunds will be given. 

Confidential Information. Clients should not share any confidential information within the coaching community. If confidential information needs to be discussed, the Client will schedule a 1-1 and understands additional costs may be incurred.

Use of Information. The Client gives Jamie Slough Ventures, LLC the permission to use any and all shared information (unless written notification has been given of confidentiality prior to sharing such information), at the the sole discretion of Jamie Slough Ventures, LLC. Uses of such information include but are not limited to: marketing, case studies, trainings and speaking engagements.

Technology. Jamie Slough Ventures, LLC has the right to change technology/platforms at any time. The Client holds Jamie Slough Ventures, LLC  harmless for any technological issues that may occur including but not limited to a data breach. 

Limitation of Liability. The Client acknowledges that the Jamie Slough and representatives of Jamie Slough Ventures, LLC may not be a licensed attorney, therapist, CPA, or other profession, and acknowledges the right and responsibility to contact specified professionals as needed, for review of any and all business details, to include but not limited to, business organizational structure, accounting, and tax implications, copyrights and trademarks. In the event that a guest or professional partner are the above referenced professions, the Client holds Jamie Slough Ventures, LLC harmless to any advice or services provided from that referral.

Arbitration. As the exclusive means of initiating adversarial proceedings to resolve any dispute arising under these terms and conditions, a party may demand that the dispute be resolved by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its commercial arbitration rules. 

Modification; Waiver. The client acknowledges that a change to these terms and conditions may happen at any time and will be notified in writing of such changes. 

Governing Law. The laws of the state of Colorado govern the rights and obligations of the Client and Jamie Slough Ventures, LLC under these terms and conditions, without regard to conflict of law principles of that state. 



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Jamie is fantastic! She does a great job at building strategies that play to her client's strengths. The result is not just more business (yay) but a strategy that doesn't feel salesy or inauthentic. Jamie brings her years of experience to help ensure that your marketing plan is comprehensive, unique and effective! Totally recommend her!!

Courtney English, Upscale Law